Tamar, You Were Not Bullied

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When I planned to write about Tamar Braxton, I intended the focus to be on Love and War, the excruciatingly-long awaited follow up to 2000’s Tamar. Tamar has never been too complimentary of her debut project, though I’m not entirely sure why given it was a solid release. Funny enough, her sophomore effort doesn’t stray from that album’s concept: a mix of classic R&B ballads that could easily be sang by big sister (post The Heat) coupled with sassy uptempos that match the finger rolling, neck rolling, catch phrasing spewing person we’ve come to learn thanks to reality television. The key difference between Tamar in 2000 and Tamar in 2013 is that the latter offers music more polished in sound and presented with a mightier machine.

I’ve been wanting to stress the point the album is worth a listen and purchase to those who don’t want anything to do with Tamar due to her antics. Then this interview happened.  Tamar is always volunteering ways to remind people of what an insufferable, petty shrew she can be at times. Where is Janet Jackson to scream “FIX IT!” when you need her?

I’m happy to see the Love and War perform so well in its first week, but it’s mind boggling to see how someone who ought to be happy continue to project such a nasty attitude. I can’t even fault “The Breakfast Club” for “baiting” Tamar Braxton because there’s really no such thing. She is known for being catty and antagonistic.

She’s taken shots at Beyoncé and Joseline Hernandez on Tiny Tonight and uses Twitter to throw digs in the direction of her peers like Alicia Keys and K. Michelle. It’d be one thing if she owned that behavior, but she’s feigning victimhood — dismissing K. Michelle’s gesture and peace offering while professing herself to be the victim of bullying. I saw her exchange with K. Michelle on the day K. appeared on 106 & Park. Tamar started that by acting as if she is the originator of a Black woman with blond weave and K. Michelle finished it by clowning the absolute shit out of her.

In turn, Tamar pretended to be so above the likes of Joseline and K. Michelle during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live — pretty much on par with what she did in this interview. And yet, she’s been “bullied” by K. Michelle because she called her a muppet in response to her calling her a wig thief. So, what about her insinuating that Blue Ivy came out of someone else’s vagina and that Joseline doesn’t own one?

I’m sick of celebrities bastardizing the world bully. K. Michelle didn’t bum rush her, pull out a razor from underneath her tongue and demand that she hand over her blond tresses. She didn’t jump on Twitter, berate her for seven hours, make her cry and call Ms. Evelyn who in turned called on Traci to fly up to New York to whoop K. Michelle’s ass. None of that happened. All K. Michelle did was bark back at someone who should’ve kept their nasty comments to themselves.

Did she have to insult her face? No, but did Tamar leave herself open to that? Has she not done a similar line of attack before? The only thing worse than a person who throws a rock and hide their hand is someone who does all of that and behave as if they are the victim of a crime.

If you’re so above it all, Tamar, you could’ve kept it cute, no? Say something along the lines of, “Thank you for the purchase, I’m over it and don’t want to talk about her.” Instead, she had to act as if she is so much above K. Michelle.

I salute Tamar’s success, but sis, you have two TV shows, a major radio hit for your demographic, and a very powerful husband. You also had that album on sale for $4.99 at select online retailers. Smart, yes, but c’mon nah. Yes, you’ve sold a couple thousand more than K. Michelle, who garnered press from a reality show but used mixtapes to build a genuine following, but is that something to brag on? I wouldn’t be surprised if both sold close to if not a little bit over 500,000 units. That’s a feat for most acts independent of genre, but particularly good for an R&B artist.

Why can’t they just get to the money together?

This pretty much explains a lot of the basis of their lingering tit for tat. As shady as K. Michelle sounds in this clip, Tamar often behaves like a bitchy queen. If you didn’t know, most bitchy queens are insecure somebodies looking for validation and all of your attention. When they don’t get it as they prefer to receive it, they lash out.

Tamar, I adore thy voice, but you must cut the shit.

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