Fish Runs Scams on “Catfish”

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This week’s edition of Catfish was themed around lies, lunacy, and lesbians. A down-on-her-luck high school student appeared to find love in a hopeless place, but was ultimately revealed to have fallen for the okie doke and lost hundreds of dollars in the process. As many of you must’ve been feeling during episode 11, I wanted to reach through the TV, shake the simp out of Aaliyah and shout, “You are being played like UNO, sis!” Well, I hope many of you wanted to do that. Each one, teach one or something.

Written by Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

Trickin’ When You Don’t Got It As Max and Nev greet Aaliyah, we learn more about how her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which left her disabled and working with a very limited income. Not long after, Aaliyah was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and needed better schooling, the cost of which led to their family being evicted from their home. You want to PayPal Aaliyah a few dollars until you hear her talk about her first argument with her virtual girlfriend. Alicia wanted Aaliyah to buy her a phone, and like a classic user, guilt tripped her into buying her an iPhone. She must be a master at this, as Aaliyah adds that since they’ve been dating with no actual dates, she’s sent Alicia $600. You don’t have a place to live because your disabled mom is trying to help you cope with a learning disability, but you send money to a girl who won’t bother to get on the bus and slob you down in love and appreciation? What in the hell is wrong with this child? You trick on your mother first and foremost, then your pieces.

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