Kelly Price Tried It To The End

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I can’t believe that after 10 weeks, R&B Divas: L.A. is already over. TV One, can you all please bump up the budget and extend this show to at least a 12-episode order? As we wait that decision, I will salute the network on a great send off. Much like part one of the reunion, I didn’t want it to leave and much of that had to do with the wonderful Wendy Williams.

Keeping in line with the theme of last week – letting Wendy Williams loose in her rawest form – the ladies grilled each other on past actions, tried to settle some lingering beefs, and of course, clowning the absent Dawn Robinson. I will miss you, ladies. More than you know. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

Kelly Price Keeps Trying It

Fred didn’t mince words when asked if he felt better about the production of the monologues once Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson left, saying “yes” quickly after Wendy Williams posed the question. Still, Fred threw Kelly more bones than most would given how big a fool she acted with him whenever the two were in the same room. Kelly tried to play the “producers told me to cut up” card, but Lil’ Mo and Chanté Moore were having it. Mo denied Kelly’s claim that she was told by producers that Fred wouldn’t be the “real” director and Chanté shut down talk of her meeting privately with Fred unbeknownst to Kelly.

Ultimately, the topic shifted to why Chanté and Kelly stopped filming with each other and why Mo and Kelly were unable to make amends. I don’t want to parse Kelly and Mo’s purported differences on who the head of a household should be, but I will say there’s a noticeable pattern in Kelly Price throwing shade to her co-stars on and off camera. Kelly, you may be a wonderful person when the camera crew is around, but you sure do so when things get rolling and you two-step around the truth when called on it.

Wendy asked her if she thought the production company behind the show made her look mean. She didn’t say yes directly, only noting that they had options and chose one. Chanté quickly noted that the camera crew couldn’t make her do any of what they filmed. Damn right, and let me add, Kelly, if you felt you were set up on the show in editing, try not to play into the “character” that was “created” during the reunion show.

P.S. Wendy, I cackled like hell at the way you gently but firmly dismissed Fred from the couch after extracting all the information you wanted from him. That ain’t right. Thank you, though, Fred. You did a great job for someone stuck with all of that lunacy – sensationalized or not.

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