Make The Most of Mister Cee

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Mister Cee’s sexual preference should not matter, but so often who we are has some bearing on completely unrelated aspects of our lives—whether we like it or not. This is particularly true for men like Mister Cee and other Black men engaged in acts that can be brushed under the umbrella of “alternative lifestyles.” You can clutch your idealism and preschool perceptions about the world as tightly as you wish, though if you truly want to make it a better place for brothers like Mister Cee, you meet them where they are versus where you’d rather we all be.

Thankfully, Hot 97’s program director Ebro Darden did just that on Thursday morning by standing by Mister Cee amid the fallout from the release of a YouTube video featuring audio of the legendary hip-hop DJ and producer engaged in a sexual encounter and financial transaction with a transgendered prostitute. Mister Cee’s first reaction was to resign from the station [Hot 97 FM] that he has worked at for two decades. But unlike the last time Mister Cee spoke about a similar incident, this time he was as honest with himself and the listeners as he could be in this moment.

A forthright Mister Cee said, “I am tired of trying to do something or be something that I’m not. I’m tired. Have I lied about getting sexual fellatio in a car with a transsexual? Yes, I have lied about that.”

The pleasant surprise was that Ebro and the Hot 97 family was adamant about not wanting to see Mister Cee resign.

Through tears, Mister Cee went on to compare himself to Anthony Weiner, noting that he had already acknowledged an obsession with prostitutes and strippers, but that the particular case that first led to the interview last May was dismissed. Cee says he wants to move on; unfortunately, there is some indication that people with bad intentions won’t allow him to.

Indeed, if you take one look at the timeline of the other person said to be in the YouTube clip, “Bimbo Winehouse,” you’ll see a retweet in which a person congratulations him, calling it the “break” he’s “been looking for” and to “push that s**t like a Kardashian.” That is the most despicable, bottom feeding, delusional statement I’ve read in quite a while. Nonetheless, a despicable act with petty intentions has given hip-hop an opportunity to show waaaay up, to show realsocial progression.

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