Rounding Up The Ridiculous

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If I had to choose any three words to best summarize this unusual week on Al Gore’s Internet, I’d go with “troll so hard.” From sucking up via sandwich making and throwing shade through Instagram all the way to down to geriatric gyrations and grand displays of douchiness, so much of this week was all about “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!” Well, we looked and now I’d like to opine on what we’ve seen. Spoiler alert: I’m already thinking about Christmas shopping, so many of you are going to get a muzzle, some self-esteem, plus some water to pour over every web-connected electronic device you own. Thank me later.

Rep Yo’ Oppression

I like Gawker as much as any other college-educated, snarky asshole, but there’s something off-putting about their newly initiated Privilege Tournament—which allows readers to play the game of oppression olympics, presumably to mock the practice. As one Slate writer put it, the tournament illustrates “that privilege has failed as a social justice strategy, at least outside of more nuanced environs like the academy” and says “once Gawker declares the ‘winner,’ let’s put down the privilege scorecard and move on. The game’s not fun anymore.” In other words, from one white guy to another, I feel you, bro. As silly as the game of who’s got it worse can be at times, having white men satirize it shows why the word “privilege” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As a Gawker commenter noted: “A white man made the game; set up the categories and tells us to fight it out. Sounds about right.”

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