“It’s Handled”

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It’s back. Last night, Shonda Rhimes’s Scandal returned for its third season and it hit the ground, heels and all, running.

How did Olivia Pope not know this would eventually happen? Considering her line of work, Olivia should have known that too many people knew of her affair with President Fitz and that ultimately, one of them was going to let his or her tongue wag. Even if she hoped for the best, why didn’t the ultimate fixer have a plan prepared?

Was she naïve? Her father, who makes Joe Jackson look like Santa Claus, certainly thinks so. The season premiere of Scandal opened with Papa Pope telling his daughter, “Twenty-two minutes without making a sound, if only you had been this quiet as a child.” It’s about the nicest thing he says to her the entire episode. As he drives her to a secret destination to put her on a private plane flying into obscurity, he says, “You raised your skirt and opened your knees and gave it away to a man with too much power. You’re not rare, you’re not special, your story is no different than a 1000 other stories in this town so you know how this goes.” If Olivia Pope was on Twitter, you’d likely have to mute her and her daddy issues on Father’s Day.

Even if Papa Pope is evil, Olivia does deserve a verbal scolding for being silly enough to believe that if word of her affair with Fitz got out, that he “would never” throw her under the bus. And for those Scandal viewers who’ve noted how, despite the fact that the series is based in the Formally Chocolate City and has a black leading actor, race is not often mentioned, it was interesting to see Daddy Pope coerce Olivia into repeating a lesson many blacks in America have been told: “You have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have.”

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