Suzie Gets A Backbone, Tasha Makes Frenemies

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On this week’s edition of Basketball Wives, Tasha and her terrible hate don’t get any airtime, but she’s very much a focal point of discussion. Suzie wants to talk about her finally standing up for herself (enter: her alter ego Little Tami). Meanwhile, Evelyn and Tami are getting to the money in new business endeavors.

Moreover, a ghost from Basketball Wives past resurfaces but maybe should have stayed gone. Honorable mention goes to Shaunie O’Neal who showed more of her handsome model boyfriend and her lovely children. She’s back on her fairy godmother of the show status, and after last season who could blame her? —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. Tami Taught Me

Fresh off her argument with Tasha, Suzie visits Tami who’s getting her Indian Remy snatched and styled to converse about the confrontation. Like Tami, I agree that Suzie is the victim in this instance. Tasha had no reason to single her out the way she did, purposely trying to embarrass her. Much like the previous added cast members who were way too eager in their attempts to make a lasting impression before her, Tasha is doing the most and it’s making me less and less interested in her. When will reality newbies learn that the harder you try, the less likable you become?

As the two continue talking, Suzie notes how Tasha used the term “angry birds” to describe the other ladies. If you recall, that was the same phrase used to describe Suzie, Evelyn and Shaunie “on the blogs.” Suzie suspects that Tasha is behind that story leaking to these mysterious blogs I can’t find via the Google. Whatever, y’all. Do what you have to do to get this plot going.

Suzie later calls Evelyn to talk about the fight and co-signs Tami’s opinion that Tasha owes Suzie an apology and not the other way around. You get the sense that everyone’s turning against Tasha. We’ve been here before. Word to Meeka Claxton.

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