Frenemies Unite, Evelyn Debuts Fashion Line

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We’re almost at the end of the fifth season of Basketball Wives, and from the looks of it, the woman are sticking with the theme: “We’re grown women and we will not act a complete fool on this network anymore.” Well, at least not with regular cast members – more on that later.

Yes, Suzie and Tasha patched things up, while Evelyn Lozada continued pimping the platform VH1 gave her for all its worth. There were also cute little dates in London and the surprising formation of a new friendship. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. Suzie and Tasha Make Amends

Within the first two minutes of the show, both Tasha and Suzie say in their respective confessional interviews that their goal in London is to not soil the trip by being at each other’s throats – to the annoyance of the group. What happens two minutes later after we each hear their pledge to ignore each other? Tasha comes for Suzie’s neck, talking about how Suzie almost got her ass beat for knocking that silly hat off of her head in a past argument. To Suzie’s credit, she didn’t play into Tasha baiting her into another confrontation. After all, they just got in the damn car from the airport. No sense of risking an arrest that soon.

Later, Tasha explains to Shaunie that her main gripe with Suzie is that she invoked the name of her husband. I’m not married – blame Republicans – but I gather that in a marriage, the logic is you can talk me about me like I’m a three-legged dog with stage four cancer, but don’t talk about my damn husband. Love is so beautiful.

Thankfully, Tasha and Suzie reach an accord. At a dinner, Suzie admits, “I forgot what we’re even fighting about.” Evelyn notes, “You slapped the hat off her head. I know that.” Thanks for the reminder, love. Tasha says she was wrong for being rude. Suzie apologizes for mentioning her husband and slapping the stupid hat off her head. Peace was given a chance.



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