Will the Celebrity Self-Help Book Trend Ever Die?

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When I tried to start the mock advice column, “Dear Mikey,” it came from a sincere place. That place was, “What in the hell is wrong with people and why do they think Steve Harvey and Tyrese can fix it?” Not to say anecdotal evidence doesn’t have its merits, but how does having a TV show or a platinum album make you qualified to solve people’s problems? Or in Tyrese’s case, why do you think God made you an oracle based on some misspelled tweets and sexist attitudes?

No one ever answered the question, so I thought at the very least, I could make fun of it. That didn’t go over so well with some readers, but since the trend isn’t dying, I still have questions.

Jackie Christie has a book out called Sexual Relations: A His and Hers Guide to Greater Intimacy. According to the press release, the book will offer advice on gaining better intimacy and communication in your relationship. You see, Jackie Christie is going to tell you how to date and perform fellatio. Jackie Christie makes for a great TV villain, but wants to hear her talk about any of this? How did this happen? Based on her reality show antics, I wouldn’t allow Jackie Christie to give me direction on how to cross the street.

Up next is Tamar Braxton, who will be releasing a relationship book called Love & War. Set for release on November 29, Tamar says of her literary debut, “It’s called Love & War because we’re going through a lot in our relationship.” Okay, but y’all have been married all of three minutes, and most of those moments consisted of y’all biting each other’s heads off for our amusement and/or bewilderment on WeTV. I’ve noticed a softer side of the couple on the sophomore season of Tamar and Vince – and bravo for that – but uh, is the war even over yet?

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