Pebbles, Pebbles, Pebbles

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Dear Pebbles:

Girlfriend, how could you treat T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli so bad (oh, oh, oh)? Now, I will say that regardless of what did or didn’t happen between you and TLC, VH1’s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story had you looking like you were created from an orgy consisting of Joe Jackson, Mathew Knowles, and all of the Lehman Brothers. Hell, I’m surprised the screenwriter didn’t have you tell one of the ladies, “Eat the cake, Annie Mae.”

That’s got to suck, sis, so my condolences over your depiction in the movie resulting in your Twitter mentions mirroring a haunted house for the rest of your natural life. Even so, are you really about to try to play victim moving forward? You can’t possibly think that’s a good idea.

You tweeted before the premiere: “I’m NOT here to promote something I put on the MAP and yet have been disrespected by because of more reasons than one! Lawyers on deck.”

Yes, we know all about your lawyers.

On your legal fight with TLC over you allegedly cheating them out of millions of dollars, the New York Times reported in 1996 about the very low points the women were given on their albums. Plus, as VH1 taught us, you, woman who used to sing about boys riding in your Mercedes, gave those women Toyotas, which were probably used…and made them pay for them!

That ain’t right, Preacher Perri. That ain’t right.

Also, did you really ask Chilli, “Does it bother you I wear diamonds on my fingers and carry Chanel bags?” And why didn’t you let T-Boz eat? Don’t you know you need protein before you pop they way Tionne used to?

They actually did you a few favors in the movie. I watched T-Boz and Chilli’s interview with “The Breakfast Club” and T-Boz claims that your real quote about her being sick yet still needing to perform was toned down compared to what was really said.

T-Boz says you told the crew, “Well, I don’t care if we gotta roll her out on a wheelchair, she gon’ do this performance tomorrow.” How can you be that mean to someone with sickle cell? You better hope God is more of a Destiny’s Child stan, otherwise you better step your penance game up.

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