Fine, I’ll Watch You, Love and Hip Hop: NY

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Love & Hip-Hop New York Season 4
Season 4, Episode 1

Tried as they might to keep the momentum of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta going, season 3 of the original incarnation of the show revealed itself to be more like a weekly cry for help than riveting television. It had its moments, but overall the first Love & Hip Hop was the winded opening act to LHHATL’s Beyoncé.

So it was with hesitation that I thought to watch the show’s fourth season. Nevertheless, I’m pleasantly surprised with the season 4 opener. Granted, a lot of the cast members still register a “Who in the hell are you?” and “Where did they dig y’all up?” But hey, they were engaging and horrifically messy – to very entertaining results. It’s as good as it can possibly by. After all, you can only give so much without the Puerto Rican Princess otherwise known as Joseline Hernandez, Baby. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. Stop Sleeping with Your Managers, People

If Mimi Faust had a fraternal twin sister from Mississippi who moved to NYC to pursue her dreams of launching an acting career in the ultra big city, but ended up with a no good cheating man who exploits old ties to the music industry to score new women, she’d be Tara. Tara is the latest victim of the VH1 franchise’s running theme best described with the question, “Girl, why are you with him?” She is the baby mama of Peter Gunz, and in a recent interview with “Sway In The Morning,” Gunz admitted he was three months behind on rent when executive producer Mona Scott-Young called him to do the show. It shows.

Gunz is managing Amina, who some of you might recognize from the group, Black Buddafly. They had a body-rolling anthem called “Rock A Bye.” Amina has a nice voice, but she can’t sit with us because she’s been sleeping with a man who she knew had a family. Worse, when she met Tara for the first time in person, she smugly took joy in Tara owning up that she was a fan of her music. She is a horrible person.

No, the big reveal that she’s actually married to Peter Gunz doesn’t make me feel for her a little bit. The both of them went behind Tara’s back and decided to embarrass her on national television. And Peter: Did you really neglect to take your kid to school and pick him back up over Amina? I know times are hard and the rent been due, but, Peter, you are running the risk of making Stevie J look like Jesus’ favorite disciple. Moreover, Amina, you could have a single featuring Yahweh, Yeezus and Young Jeezy, and I wager that most folks will bootleg your stuff fall the same based on the way this story line is going.

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