Baby and Mama Drama

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I don’t understand people who have deep-rooted secrets and willingly enter a space that leaves them susceptible to those secrets being exposed. President Fitz was right to tell Olivia Pope that Congresswoman Josie Marcus is an “idiot” for firing her after Olivia rightfully told her to tell the truth about her teenage pregnancy. “President Phoebe” could be a thing, despite Olivia astutely describing her as such: “You feel like a high schooler visiting college for the weekend.”

Josie is a pompous, hardheaded novice who has loads of potential, but refuses to do what is necessary in politics to ascend. Like, you had a baby. Did you think no one would figure that out if you wanted to be the first female president? She swears she had no inclination to enter public life, it just happened. OK, fair enough, but you clearly switched paths, so why not behave accordingly?

She is Sarah Palin with a brain, though she lacks too much to rise to her potential. I’m always happy to see you, Lisa Kudrow, but I hate your character. If it’s any consolation, you play a charismatic plainspoken goof really, really well.

Nevertheless, if I were running the opposition’s campaign, I’d probably make an ad using Tupac’s “Brenda’s Got a Baby.” Just call me hip-hop Karl Rove.

Now if there’s anyone who knows what to do to get what they want no matter how painful, it’s my girl, Mellie Mel. After being told by a prospective campaign manager that Fitz looks like an unsexed, unhappy, miserable man with a shrew of a wife and no chance at winning reelection, Mellie gets over herself and her beef and does what’s best for Fitz (and her own political future waiting in the wings). You know, even though Fitz himself instructed Mellie to mind her business and let Cyrus worry about the campaign.

Fitz may not want to sleep with his wife, but when is this fool going to wake up and see that she’s just as important to his team as everyone else? Mellie could’ve ended Fitz’s political life for so many different reasons, but he continues to treat her as if she’s utterly worthless. Yet, she helps him anyway.

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