VIBE: ‘Love And Hip-Hop New York’ Recap: Peter Gunz Confesses To Creeping, Tahiry Gets A Job

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Love And Hip-Hop New York
Season 4, Episode 3

If I could describe last night’s edition of Love & Hip-Hop in three words, I’d go with dumb, delusional and daring. Thankfully, I have a couple more hundred to spare. Be advised that the bulk of those will be directed at the love triangle involving Amina Buddafly, Tara Wallace and Peter Gunz.

I’ve had more sympathy for characters on Law & Order: SVU than I have Peter and Amina. Do you know how awful you have to be to get me to type such a sentence? Boo, hiss and sigh. Alright, let’s hop to it. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. I’m A Creep and You’re A Creep

Before Peter Gunz finally tells Tara the truth – that he cheated on her with Amina and ultimately married her – he seeks the advice of his friend, Rich Dollaz. During their convo, Rich says to Peter, “I’m a creep and you’re a creep.” Fair enough, but why wasn’t the statement followed with, “Iyanla, fix our lives?” Instead, Rich tells Peter, “But you’re not a bad person.” Pause on that for a second.

Peter is a serial cheater, and in his latest instance of infidelity, cheated on the woman he’s been with for 13 years, marries his sidepiece and proceeds to keep it from her. Not only that, he makes his wife feel like she is the problem for wanting to move on with her life now that the two have made their secret affair a permanent fixture that’s now public record. And yet, he’s not a bad person.

Oh okay.

Thankfully, Tara presents a counterargument. After revealing that he in fact cheated on her, Tara says, “You fucking asshole.” Peter goes on to say “I fucked up.” Sir, marrying another woman without telling the mother of your children and the person you’re living with is a bit more than that. Tara starts swinging on Peter and he says, “Stop hitting.” Her response: stop fucking. Peter wants to have a rational conversation, but as Tara explains, “I don’t want to have a rational conversation with a liar.”

All I could do while watching this scene was remix the lyrics of Mary J. Blige’s “Not Gon Cry.” Ahem: “13 years out her life. Besides the kids she got nothing to show. Wasted her years, a fool of a wife..y.”

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