VIBE: ‘Love & Hip-Hop New York’ Recap: When A Woman’s Fed Up

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Love & Hip-Hop New York
Season 4, Episode 4

I’m beginning to think when they cast for Love & Hip Hop they specifically look for people who would say it’s a full moon out at noon. It’s as if the less in touch you are with reality, the better you fit. Like, sleep with someone’s man, marry him and then feign shock that the other woman goes upside your head. Or pretend you have no idea that saying a whole ethnicity of women like to share community penis. Oh, and please, do continue to have your bad business arrangements in which neither party can separate the personal and the professional.

Self-awareness was missing throughout last night’s episode, but it made for an entertaining hour. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. After The Smack

Immediately into the show we hear Amina say, “It’s, like, funny to me.” She’s talking about Tara slugging her in the face, which I imagine doesn’t seem at all humorous to Amina’s jaw. That might explain Amina eventually adding, “I can’t believe the bitch swung on me.” Now that’s certainly worth laughing at given the majority of the people watching this show can easily believe that. Another ha-ha moment is Amina later telling Peter, “She was talking to me like some side hoe.”

Let’s think this out, Amina. You are Peter Gunz’s wife, but you two don’t live together regularly. Worse, up until very, very recently your husband refused to tell the mother of his children and the person he’s actually living with the truth about his situation with you. And really, he didn’t even own up to the fact that you two got married. He admitted to Tara that the two of you were having sex, but kept mum about a marriage certificate. You had to spill the beans on that and all you got in return was an eye pack to settle your swollen face.

If all of this makes you want to sing Pharrell’s “Number One,” you need to switch iPods for me ’cause I got a new song for you. Say, Changing Faces’ “That Other Woman.” Maybe once you and Tara get to a better, less violent place, the two of you could perform the song at the reunion.

As for Tara, Peter meets her at the sidewalk outside of the apartment they shared two slaps ago. Peter fixes his mouth to tell Tara, “You shouldn’t have hit her. Everyone’s wrong in this motherfucker.” After Tara instructs him to go home to his wife, Peter hits her with, “I am home with my wife.” Tara snaps back, “Peter, spare me the fucking dramatics.” What she said.

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