Vulture: Real Husbands of Hollywood Recap: Implausible Conception

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Most men would push their sister into traffic for the chance to impregnate a Victoria’s Secret model, but throughout last night’s episode of Real Husbands of Hollywood Kevin Hart exhibited buyer’s remorse for not purchasing condoms in bulk. Perhaps that has something to do with the reality that Selita Ebanks is not as sexy when downing chocolate syrup like she knows diabetes is expecting her and she simply can’t keep fate waiting any longer. Kevin’s displeasure about another baby intensified once Selita demanded he skip out on a potential meeting to host the Oscars in favor of attending a parenting class that included him wearing a mock bra that can lactate. The idea of that nifty little invention is to allow mommy to nap while dually still nursing the baby — only by way of papa’s bra strap.

Ultimately, Kevin hit Selita with the truth about not wanting another “damn baby” only to scurry away to a barbershop where he would proceed to totally break down in regret in a room full of men, Terry Crews include. While Kevin let the water leak from his eye sockets, I found myself scratching my head trying to figure out why any of this was happening and who found it amusing?

If I had to break down my reaction to this overly complicated and highly implausible chain of events with two words, I’d go with one of my favorite phrase: “Girl, what?” I honestly have no idea what prompted Real Husbands of Hollywood writers to not only make Selita and Kevin a couple, but expectant parents. Judging from last night’s episode, neither do they.

This show is supposed to be an exercise in satire and improv, which makes absurdity not only expected, but also welcomed. So if you’re going to make Kevin Hart and Selita Ebanks a couple, dub them “Kevlita,” and have them be the latest incarnation of increasingly nauseating trend that is obsessing over celebrity procreation, why not have more fun with it? Why not make more fun of KimYe? Yes, the “Bound 2” video did a wonderful job of highlighting the hilarity of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s relationship, but that wasn’t on purpose so it doesn’t count. It wasn’t until the very end that Duane Martin was used as a means to illustrate how quickly contemporary stars will flip a fetus into a fortune-building exercise – à la the proposed boy-or-girl sweepstakes.

There was also the big reveal: Selita is faking her pregnancy. Duane discovered Selita’s baby bump was crooked after a riot occurred following Kevin exposing Boris Kodjoe in more ways than one during opening night of Boris’s new play, I Wanna Bust a Move.

While this episode didn’t toy with the celebrity baby industry enough, hopefully once Kevin finds out about Selita’s fake fetus the show will poke fun at all of the ridiculous people who still believe Beyoncé had a surrogate supplied by Satan. Yes, these people still exist. You can find them floundering in the depths of hell know as the comments section of any gossip blog. There’s also purgatory, which is the virtual space YouTube has created for the online prophets of the world.

As for that play, RHOH sort of made fun of that genre of Black stage plays that have birthed works such as “Mama I Want to Sing,” the new Kandi Burruss playA Mother’s Love, and Tyler Perry’s entire existence. It was evident that the play’s director tried to coerce singer Eric Benet into replaced the vocally challenged Boris Kodjoe when he said, “You don’t have to be an actor to be in one of my plays. You just have to act like an actor.”

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