VIBE: ‘Love & Hip-Hop New York’ Recap: Erica Mena Pops Off, Tara Plays Girlfriend No. 2

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Love & Hip-Hop New York
Season 4, Episode 6

Many reality stars have about as much self-awareness as a six-hour-old baby, but last night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop was a rigorous exercise in frustration. Have none of these people ever watched the show they’re on? Better yet, do they not remember anything about themselves?

The same goes for the people many of the cast members choose to surround themselves with. If a person acts the same way every time you’re in their presence, what makes you think they’ll magically transform into the person you’d prefer them to be? This is Love & Hip-Hop, not American Horror Story: Coven.

When I wasn’t scratching my head and being stupefied at the various grandiose displays of willful ignorance, I was laughing. You have to. In any event, just consider this recap one big mirror. Do me a favor and make sure the guilty parties see their reflection. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. One Clueless Woman + A Cheating Man = Trife Behavior

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most clueless sidepiece wife of them all? At the beginning of the episode, we’re subjected to yet another conversation between Peter and Amina over why Peter continues to behave like everything but Amina’s husband. Uh, because he doesn’t respect you and you allow him to disrespect you and the relationship you have with him. Duh. I don’t know where this woman left her last set of clues and self-esteem, but if someone could give me an address, I’d be happy to donate a flashlight to the rescue efforts.

Then there’s Tara, who we’re supposed to feel sorry for, though that’s over (at least on my end) because last night she basically traded places with Amina over the role of girlfriend number two. Although she says it “kills her to have Peter around,” there was way too much flirtation and horseplay going on between the two to take such a claim seriously. Maybe you’re a masochist, Tara, but you’re taking an active role in perpetuating the madness.

Her “friend” K. Michelle tells her as much after Tara says she “called her out of the blue.” That sounds like reality TV jargon for, “A producer gave her my cell.” Whatever the case, at least K. Michelle is the voice of reason. Well, minus the shade K throws at “red skinned dudes.” You people can go to the front row of hell for all of this light skinned man slander.

Meanwhile, as Peter tells his wife one thing while trying to ask the mother of his children if he can “kiss it one last time,” he professes that if nothing else, he remains a great dad. He may treat his sons well, but he’s treating their mama like trash on national TV. Look at you, dad of the year!

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