Scandal: Mama Pope Pulls the Okie Doke: Recapping Scandal, “YOLO”

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(Season 3, Episode 9)

Written by Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

Remember Scandal’s “Fix of the Week” format? As much as I’ve enjoyed season three, I now have a greater appreciation for that earlier structure. The salaciousness was a bit more simplified then, and the storytelling didn’t seem so inspired by a game of Hot Potato. It’s fine, though, because I’m just as good at that game as I am at Duck, Duck, Goose.

Speaking of games, last night’s “YOLO” edition of Scandal kicked off with Huck playing his favorite one: Torture. It’s the sadistic equivalent of Doctor. His unwilling patient was, of course, his wannabe apprentice, Quinn, who mostly pleaded in vain for Huck not to rip her apart—starting with her teeth. Listen, I’ve had my wisdom teeth yanked out of my mouth without the anesthetic working, so suffice to say, even though I can’t stand Quinn, I felt her pain.

Huck, you and the dentist who did that to me can burn in hell. Huck’s torturing was interrupted after Olivia called to pass along the following information about her mother: “She’s alive. My mother. She’s not dead. She’s here. She’s here in my apartment.”

Not only is she alive, she’s in full-blown mother mode. Making up for lost time much? While scrambling to figure out how to get Maya Lewis out of the country without alerting everyone and their B-613, Mama Pope and Olivia finally sat down and attempted to communicate like normal human beings.

And that’s when Mama Pope did what most mothers do to their children: Make them feel like shit.

Mama Pope explained to her daughter that while incarcerated, she’d make up these fantasies about how her Olivia led her life. Mama Pope said: “In my mind, you were married to a fella named Ray, a dentist, because dentists comes home for dinner. This was my thinking. And it was you and Ray and your son named Son and you’d sit around your dinner table and you’d just laugh. There was lots of laughter, love, and happiness. So now to see who you really are, what you’ve really become…”

Olivia interrupted her before she could finish her inference, though Mom did explain right after: “There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of laughter in your life.”

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