VIBE: ‘Love & Hip-Hop New York’ Recap: Will Tahiry Become Mrs. Joe Budden?

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On last night’s Rap & Recklessness Love & Hip Hop: New York, numerous cast members pretended to be over with people we all know they’re going to go back to. Yes, the usual narrative.

Peter continued to base his relationship commitments on a game of duck duck goose; Erica Mena pressed on with her mission to pit Cyn and Rich against each other; Joe keeps on trying to win Tahiry back for the millionth time; Tara is still talking that talk to us, yeah.

Join me in rolling my eyes by reading the recap in full, why don’t you? —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. K. Michelle, Fix My Situation

K. Michelle is like poorly executed product placement on this show. For some strange reason, she has turned into the hood’s Ask Prudence and Dear Abby on this show. Personally, I’d ask K. Michelle for her advice about brown liquor & BBQ sauce, but anything else is pushing it. Then again, if you’re Peter Gunz, I suppose anyone else in a 10-mile radius is wiser.

He is such a draining person to watch. Every week Peter commits horrible acts then feigns aloofness that bad behavior has consequences. It’s a testament to the entertainment value of sociopaths in the reality genre, but I feel like I’ve been watching Peter Gunz forever and it’s only been nine episodes. Stevie J is quite the horrible mate, but he’s at least funny. There’s no humor in Peter Gunz and his follies. Hell, the same goes for the rest of the other miserable saps on this show.

In any event, K. Michelle tells Peter to reach out to Amina. I imagine it’s because while she doesn’t go as far back with Tara as producers may suggest, she is nonetheless not aiming to put the woman in any more misery with that man. Besides, Amina is a rare breed of sucker and more susceptible to his nonsense. Earlier in the show, Amina speaks with a homegirl and during the confessional portion of that segment, she says, “If this is how he treats our marriage then how can I trust him with my career?”

Oh, girl. Him being a horrible person to date doesn’t mean he can’t facilitate a singing career with you. Well, in theory anyway. Y’all have already sank that ship with this relationship and the wack ass theme song to go with it. Even so, the bigger problem is you chose to mix business with pleasure when you know for a fact that man was involved with someone.

Anyway, Peter gives Amina some sorry PowerPoint presentation with a bunch of pictures she likely took and that seemed to solve their problem – him still having sex with the woman whose home Amina helped break up. Another week of this nonsense and I’m calling immigration on Amina. Hell, Peter, too.

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