VIBE: ‘Love & Hip-Hop New York’ Recap: Marry Me… Or Nah?

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Last night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: New York did not make me want to curse profusely or throw my remote in a fit of frustration. For those of you who have been following the show and my recaps in the past couple weeks, you realize what a proud moment this is.

Honestly, there was some growth displayed by a number of characters, and minus Erica Mena’s girlfriend and almost boyfriend, everyone was relatively civil and downright tranquil. Of course, that can only last for so long (a whole week), which means we need to cherish the moment until the ruckus returns (and we can cherish that, too). —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

The Bird vs. The Cornball

Cyn Santana and Erica Mena are a 1990s Cinemax softcore flick guised as a meaningful relationship. To that end, last night Cyn celebrates her birthday, so not surprisingly, Erica does it up for her – throwing her a party, getting her a party dress, blah, blah, and then some. I’m waiting for the day Erica presents her with a diamond and Cyn shouts, “Thank you, Big Daddy!” in the future. She really appears to love the idea of being a sugar daddy. Whatever floats your boat.

In addition to Cyn’s birthday, Erica celebrates the release of her sex book, which leads to another poorly, and unfortunately, yet another conversation with Rich about where they stand. I’m so tired of being dragged into this conversation via camera footage, so I can only imagine how exhausted Rich must be with actually having to carry it out so often. Like clockwork, as soon as those two start talking, Cyn steps in to get slick with Rich instead of dealing with her real problem: Erica Mena. I can’t stand people who are so consumed with the “other” person that they can’t see that no one should have to work that hard to keep a person that ought to be theirs if they’re truly that committed.

In any event, after being called “corny” one too many times, Rich goes ahead and tells Cyn that she’s a “bird” who Erica needs to put back in her cage with a Daily Newsunderneath her. Rich has repeatedly tried to be nice to Cyn, only to be disrespected in return. She might not like being called a bird, but what I just described is typical insecure bird behavior. You’re still cute, though, Cyn, if that’s anything.

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