Drake Is Bae

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For the longest time, I’ve maintained that Drake looks like feet. However, after watching Aubrey host last week’s episode of SNL, I now have to acknowledge that I now have a foot fetish. While discussing my newfound attraction, I was accosted via text by a beloved homegirl, who went in:  “What?!?!!!?!!! You spent the last 3 years talking shit about [redacted]’s boo, now you tryna hit it?!?!?!”

Me: “Yup.”

Listen, the Lord isn’t done with me yet, so if it takes me a little longer to see what others see, so be it. It started a few months ago when I decided to buy tickets to Drake’s “Would You Like A Tour” tour. Initially, I was more interested in seeing the Hulk Hogan of R&B, Miguel, perform. And since we’re going with wrestling analogies, I imagine Future would be the Hacksaw Jim Duggin of rap based on his flow.

Anyway, I was a big Drake fan around So Far Gone, but my interest in him began to wane once I found him draining. There’s only so many “I’m whining about the fame I wanted” tracks I can stomach and as I’ve written in the past, I hate the messages of songs like “All Me” and “No New Friends.” Plus, like many rappers, he left much to be desired as a performer.

But, I have to give the man credit: He has improved tremendously. The energy at Barclays during Drake set rivaled that of other bigger stars I’ve seen in concert — including Our Lady of the P-Pop, Beyoncé, her husband Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Prince, etc. Aubrey Graham is a star. A star with really great arms. Arms that look great in person and on an arena big screen.

So perhaps this shift has been going on for some time now, but last Saturday cemented it: Drake is bae.

Like, he shaved his face, took some singing lessons, and showed some thigh — all of which had me going kicking my leg a few times during select points of the program. For, uh, reasons.

I love that he, as Danyel Smith pointed out in an essay for ESPN can take “absolute comfort with being both “biracial” and “black,” pop and hip-hop, corny and cool.” I’ve never seen him in his role as Wheelchair Jimmy, but based on SNL, he ought to act more. I already have a project in mind. Now he still sort of favors the cartoon Captain Caveman, but that’s fine. It’s not like I’m not Dale from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers with a splash of any famous cartoon rabbit.

If only Drake were gay. I’m so into him that I’m willing to participate in the seance he does to communicate with Aaliyah every third full moon. I suppose I should go tuck my feathers in. Birdgang, fuck with it.

P.S. I wrote about Sasheer Zamata’s SNL debut, too, over at Complex. Click here to read.

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