VIBE: ‘Love & Hip-Hop New York’ Reunion Recap: Breakups To Makeups

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Last night, those poor unfortunate souls known as the cast of Love & Hip Hop: New Yorkgathered for their reunion special. Well, all of them minus K. Michelle, who was probably on somebody’s stage singing about cognac and screwing someone like she’s trying to pay bills. Fair enough. After all, it wasn’t like she was really part of this season’s narrative anyway.

Now if you were looking for growth, humility and reconciliation, you should’ve been watching the OWN Sunday morning programming you have sitting on your DVR. This was the Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion, and if you’re familiar with this group of reality personalities, you know how hardheaded they’ve shown themselves to be all season long. Maybe self-realization will come in part two. Until then, here are some thoughts on part one of Love & Hip-Hop New York: The Reunion. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. Why Are You Here, Mo’Nique?

Before we got into the reunion, Mo’Nique tries to answer the burning question in many people’s minds: “Why in the hell are you here?” Before she became an Oscar-winning actress, Mo’Nique worked with VH1 as the host of Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School. Not to be all saddity about it, but Queen Latifah scored only an Oscar nomination and the only check she collects from Viacom is the one for executive producing Single Ladies. And Jennifer Hudson has been hollering on stage and on the big screen ever since her win.

To be fair, Mo’Nique does explain that on one faithful Saturday afternoon, she found herself so enthralled with the show. Let her tell it, she realized “what an adventure it was.” Call me cynical, but I bet that was after she had already signed the contract and VH1 shipped her homework. She tries to make it seem like her being there is some sort of noble act, but rumor has it she’s alienated many people in Hollywood, and to quote Young Jeezy, “And Georgia Power won’t give a n*gga lights free.”

2. “Hi, I’m Here, Too”

Poor Cyn Santana. If I were her, I’d use this cheap fame to get on that Evelyn Lozada career and relationship plan and keep it moving. Her relationship with Erica Mena has always seemed like a farce, though I will say that Cyn appears to be legitimately into Erica. However, on Erica’s end, it just seems like she found a girl that looks like her and then decided to treat her the way she felt Rich should have treated her.

As Cyn said so herself, “All I hear is ‘Rich, Rich, Rich, Rich, Rich.’” Yes, and even I’m sick of it. Mo’Nique tries to talk to all three, but we all knew how that was gonna go down even before it happened. Erica yells at Rich in sheer rage – proving just how much she still cares for him. Meanwhile, Cyn sits there wondering if she turned into Casper The Spanish Ghost.

The Cyn vs. Rich over Erica portion of the reunion takes up a significant portion of the broadcast. But yeah, they’re not worth obsessing over. Cyn herself says backstage,
“They’re clearly still in love with each other. This is nothing new.” Then figure out what you’re gonna do, Cyn, and save us all from their “Will they? Won’t they?” asses.

Oh, and Erica: “I didn’t ask for this.” Girl, whatever. You are the maker of your madness. Your hair was cute, though.

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