VIBE: ‘Love & Hip-Hop New York’ Reunion Pt. 2 Recap: Tears Of A Clown

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If I could describe part two of Love & Hip Hop: New York’s reunion in song, I’d go with the following tracks: Mary J. Blige’s “Everyday It Rains,” Eve’s “Love Is Blind,” K. Michelle’s “Can’t Raise A Man,” Banggaz’s “Run Up Get Done Up,” and any especially misogynistic rap track released within the past 20 years – or maybe all of them.

Yes, last night’s #LHHNY closer was another exercise in exhaustion and despondency. And while I’ve enjoyed the fourth season of Mona’s Madhouse, I’m so glad we’ve reached the end. I feel like I need therapy with the rest of the whole cast. Whew. Sh’mon with the Atlanta version of this franchise, Vh1. I need some laughter after all of this sadness. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. Tears Of A Clown

Much like Tara, it took Amina Buddafly three teaspoons of total humiliation for her to finally understand that she cannot change the womanizing ways of Peter Gunz. Like any person in love, Amina wanted her feelings and her relationship with Peter validated. As in, “I’m not just like any of the women you cheated on Tara with.” To Amina’s credit, Peter did marry her so there must’ve been something about their relationship that made her “special.” Clearly, not special enough because Peter made it apparent that no woman in his life compares to Tara and had he known that Tara still had feelings for him, he would’ve never married Amina.

I almost felt bad for Amina when she pulled out that pissy pregnancy test out of her bra and threw it in Peter’s face to confirm that she’s carrying his child, thinking maybe that would be his aha moment and he’d really own where he is in life and the woman living it with him. Nope. Peter doesn’t hug her when Amina says she’s pregnant. Instead, he pouts and ultimately walks away. Amina just sits there, looking like a gumbo comprised of pity, sour grapes and damn, I fucked my life up.
Now one on one, Mo’Nique asks Tara if she has anything to say to Amina. Tara says, “I feel bad for you. I feel bad for you that at 30, the man you’ve married can’t hold your hand and hug you when you tell him that you’re pregnant.” Damn. That hurt my feelings. Worse, after talking to Tahiry backstage, Peter asks Mo’Nique to speak to Tara alone. Not surprisingly, Amina throws a tear-filled fit, demanding to hear exactly what Peter says to Tara.

Peter gives a tearful apology (through his black sunglasses), saying he thought doing the show would be beneficial to him, Tara and Amina, and he never intended to hurt Tara because she deserves better. He apologizes for the humiliation he put her through, noting that he would never do it again because he’s removing himself from her life. Afterwards, Tara tells Mo’Nique: “I feel bad for him. I feel bad that life has not taught him to be a better person.” More, “And now he left our household searching for an outlet and how this outlet has turned to another household that he now needs to run from.”

You know, Tara is really adept at slanging these retweetable, enlightened ass quotes.

I think their segment, and for that matter this entire three-ways-of-trife storyline can be best summed by what Peter told Tara backstage: “What kind of father am I? If you’re not good to their mother, then you’re not a good dad. Shit is just fucked up. I’m just…disgusted with myself.”

As you should be, sir. As you should be. Oh yeah, he also said earlier in the episode, “I’m too old to be acting like this.” Now if you know all of this, Peter Gunz, will you finally do something about it?

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