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Michael Arceneaux is a Houston-bred, Howard-educated writer, and sometimes because of this economy and his student loans, an aspiring private dancer and rapper. He now lives in Harlem.

While majoring in broadcast journalism at Howard University he took on a number of internships spanning difference facets of the media — including stints at Radio One, C-SPAN, the now-defunct Blender magazine, and MTV News Online.¬†And shortly before graduating college Michael also took part in a comedy writing program founded by Chris Rock and sponsored by Comedy Central.

As a freelance writer he has written for outlets like, Gawker,, New York mag’s Vulture,, Time Ideas, Buzzfeed, Slate’s The Root, NPR’s Code Switch, News One, The Atlantic, theGrio, Salon, VIBE, Comedy Central Online, among others. He also helms the humor blog, The Cynical Ones, which led to The Root naming him one of the Best Black Bloggers of 2012.

Since Michael is getting tired of writing about himself in third person feel free to contact me I mean him at

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