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1. As lovely as Rita Ora seems, why do I still not care a whole bunch about her music?

2. How long before Phaedra Parks files for divorce from Apollo?

3. Can we all agree that Diana Ross may have done a lot back in her day, but nothing to deserve this?

4. What took y’all so long to realize that NeNe Baloo Leakes

5. How mad do you think Charli Baltimore is to know that her flow could very much be successful in hip hop, but only if some white woman from Australia is using it?

6. Despite acting like Snuffleupagus with anger issues, this new Kelly Price that sounds like a secular “Go Get It” (or more secular “Go Get It,” as it were) goes, right?

7. How is this not my son?

8. Who are the people that told Jhené Aiko her new music is recalls “younger Sade with urban stories” and what strand of Cali weed are they smoking?

9. Bow down, bitches?

10. So Mariah Carey gives not a single damn that we know she didn’t draw this picture at the age of three? And who has ever called Mariah Carey “elusive?”

11. Will Gwen Stefani stop depriving us and drop another solo album already? It ain’t like Lady Gaga made it impossible?

12. How loud do you think Porsha Williams screamed when she found out old footage of her comparing gays to hookers and drug dealers and that we needed saving hit TMZ?

13. So we’re following the Mariah Carey blueprint down to the band dancing, huh?

14. Or is this Beyoncé’s fault?

15. Is it better to pretend that season four of The Boondocks isn’t happening?

16. How disappointed should you be in me not only kind of liking this Diggy Simmons song (in addition to “My Mama Said”), but being happy he’s legal?

17. Does Keri Hilson still have a head?

18. Can we stop playing and crown Kelly Rowland an R&B duet queen so she can record an album already?

19. What diagnosis do you think KeKe Wyatt has been ducking all this time?


20. After watching the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, can one assume that based on her performance, Mimi Faust went to porn because even Tyler Perry said, “Girl, acting ain’t your purpose?

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1. How many of you care if Michael Bae Jordan won’t respect you if you have sex with him on the first date so long as you have sex with Michael Bae Jordan?

2. Who has the more annoying “bill collector voice”: Ciara or Kanye West?

3. Speaking of Kanye West, instead of building a list of criminal charges in the state of California, why won’t he just move out of the state?

4. Will you be a dear and tell your friend to cut the fauxtivational social media shit out already?

5. So are people ever going to stop pretending that whenever Beyoncé sees a Kardashian, she wants to spit on them?

6. Now that Robin Thicke and the Gaye family have settled their suit over Thicke allegedly biting Marvin Gaye’s existence for several years and songs, who is the next white person to be sued by a dead soul singer’s kinfolk for a similar grievance?

7. Who do you think comforts James Baldwin in heaven when he cries himself to sleep thinking about Don Lemon having such a wide platform to be a gay Black man paid to be a racist, straight white man in drag?

8. Why hasn’t anyone interviewed Ice Cube about Beyoncé doing her part to keep the legacy of Friday alive on “Partition” and The Mrs. Cater Show World Tour?

9. When will Hollywood stop trying to make fetch happen with Paula Patton?

10. How much longer is Jennifer Lopez’s rich, California-residing ass going to keep reminding us that she’s still just the same girl from the Bronx?

11. How many of you shared my fears that the Shakira and Rihanna duet would sound like lesbian goat sex?

12. Can someone convince Janet Jackson to do a visual album and get her husband to pay for it?

13. When will the people argue that Mya is now the “Beyoncé of Japan” realize that Beyoncé is the Beyoncé of every inch of this universe and the next two over?

14. Will the same people rallying support against Russia’s strict anti-gay laws do the same about the brutal laws recently passed in Nigeria?

15. Can your cousin please stop using the terms “ratchet” and “shade” incorrectly?

16. Will Amina Buddafly ever realize that when it comes to the prospects of her establishing a successful career as a singer, a Karlie Redd Sings Opera album will outsell anything she drops?

17. Is it fair to consider NeNe Leakes the actress essentially the contemporary Shirley from What’s Happening!! or is that shade to Shirley?

18.  Doesn’t this sound like Future meets dumbed down Public Enemy?

19. Why hasn’t Rob Kardashian signed on for The Biggest Loser yet?

20. On his twerking scholarship, Juicy J says: “Fifty thousand dollars is a lot of money and I don’t want to waste it on just some girl twerking her ass. You don’t deserve it.”

Has Juicy J met Juicy J and the rest of Three 6 Mafia?

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1. Most of us are going to end up hating “Blurred Lines” to its core by the end of summer, huh?

2. Now that Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is off the air, what is the point of Mondays anymore?

3. How can anyone not love Amber Rose?

4. Who is trying to sneak Kat Stacks back onto Pop Culture Island?

5. Can you tell how dedicated Toni Braxton is to living up to her status as the Shug Avery of R&B?

6. Why does Kelly Price want us to hate her so much?

7. Based on this trailer, doesn’t The New Atlanta look like every other Atlanta-based reality show?

8. How many times do you think Uncle Ruckus came to Don Lemon’s recent Black-bashing CNN segments?

9. Christopher Maurice Brown can dance his cute albeit crotchety ass off, but why does he insist on making corny ass videos?

10. Is it accurate to describe Miley Cyrus as the millennial White Mike?

11. Now that it’s been confirmed that the Raz B coma story was a hoax, can he proceed to fall into the abyss again?

12. What in the hell is this supposed to mean?

13. Can the entire team behind True Blood promise to never produce another awful season like the one that just wrapped?

14. Anyone else suddenly interested in rediscovering John Legend?

15. Will someone put Millie Jackson and K. Michelle in the same room together?

16. How much longer are New York-based rappers going to act like Kendrick Lamar stole their lunch money?

17. Why is Myx Fusions Nicki Minaj Moscato so damn good?

18. Is Lady Gaga ever going to stop singing about all things celebrity?

19. Is Janelle Monáe about to score her first big radio hit?

20. Love the haircut, but Beyoncé, where’s the single?

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colin kaepernick nude, colin kaepernick espn body issue pictures, colin kaepernick body issue, colin kaepernick espn magazine

1. How can people still not grasp same sex attraction after seeing Colin Kaepernick naked?

2. Do you think Nicci Gilbert has finally found her jaw after Syleena Johnson snatched it, cracked it, and kicked it down the road on the season finale of R&B Divas?

3. How much longer do we have to deal with bitter, insufferable Laker fans pissed that Dwight Howard decided to leave an aging team with a coach that doesn’t know how to use him?

4. Will someone tell Miley Cyrus that Jay-Z using her as a metaphor for white America’s fears of Black men corrupting their lily-white perceived puritan princesses isn’t the same thing as a paying a compliment via shout out?

5. Actually, can Miley Cyrus just fall down a damn well with her annoying ass appropriation?

6. Why hasn’t someone put a wooden bullet through the phrase “turn up” yet?

7. Has there been any better metaphor for the decline of Foxy Brown’s career than this clip of her busting her ass while on a dingy stage at NYC pride?

8. Considering Jay-Z’s Samsung deal is nothing more than a one big techie hustle to pin through your data, is that really the way we want music sales to go?

9. Isn’t it too bad Eve’s new album sucks so bad given it took her 10 years to drop a new album the world forgot about in less than 10 minutes?

10. Does anyone even care about the oft-delayed new season of Basketball Wives?

11. Rehab anyone?

12. Why the British accent? Why is this child singing about hanging out at midnight and declaring love on a song called “Summer Fling?” Can they all go away for a while and not return until the aliens have been suppressed from their systems?

13. Do you think Marvin Gaye’s ghost is flattered that after years of trying, Robin Thicke has finally found the proper way to imitate him for success?

14. How annoyed do you think Lauryn Hill’s cell mate is already?

15. Why did y’all let “selfie” become a thing?

16. If Kelly Rowland likes her kisses down low so damn much, why can’t she give a full performance of the song on TV?

17. What are you more tired of?: People asking where’s Beyoncé’s new album or her refusing to provide an answer?

18. Who could’ve anticipated Instagram video being such a big ass drop of ice on your genitals?

19. Why are folks saying “Your body isn’t a party, it’s a fish fry” as an insult as if fish fries aren’t the shit?

20. Regardless of what the jury decides, can George Zimmerman drop dead?

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1. How many more “I dislike Beyoncé” pieces does the Internet need and isn’t it hard not to laugh at the mentally-challenged writers behind them?

2. Why do men like Ray J insist on behaving like they piss with a pinky finger versus a python?

3. Can someone inform Ms. Drama of VH1’s The Gossip Game that we already had a Tiffany Pollard and one was enough? Ditto for Married To Medicine’s Mariah, and her spirit animal, Tamar Braxton mid-tantrum?

4. How hard did Martin Luther King Jr. have to hold Harriet Tubman back from leaving the gates of heaven to go upside LL Cool J’s head?

5. Isn’t Chris Brown singing “I’m not dangerous” kinda like R. Kelly boasting about his love of older women?

6. What is it with Miguel talking about Frank Ocean as if dude stole his ruby red slippers?

7. Who gave Eve the impression that pop tunes was the way to go for achieving a rap comeback in 2013?

8. Isn’t Young Jeezy’s “R.I.P.” the best example of “old nigga rap” in a while?

9. How old is too old to bop down to the OMG Girlz?

10. So I’m guessing another major reshuffle is due for Love and Hip Hop: New Jersey New York?

11. Will someone explain to that cross-dressing, mommy-issue suffering, sexually repressed, judgmental, bullshit ass Tyler Perry that HIV is not nor should it be sold to the masses as punishment?

12. Doesn’t it feel like R&B female singers – minus the ones singing about cocoa butter anyway – are due for an awesome year?

keyshia cole tour 2013, keyshia cole tour costume, keyshia cole tour costume

13. Has Keyshia Cole been going through Nicki Minaj’s Goodwill box for tour costume ideas?

14. Can someone give me the email address to Ciara’s speech coach? I have some hate mail to send. Live from the land of Valley Girls.

15. Between Derek J slamming natural hair and A$AP Rocky offending Black women over their preferred shade of lipstick, how about fashion queens far and wide start thinking a wee bit more before they speak?

16. Did Lauryn Hill figure out a tax back plan with Uncle Sam or is she still due to become the host for Def Prison Poetry for the next three to five years?

17. Should I expect American Idol contestant Candice Glover to become like Fantasia, minus the baby mama anthems, illiteracy, and married boyfriends?

18. Why does it seem like I have more frequent birthdays (ahem, it’s today) than new episodes of Scandal?

19. Isn’t T.I. and Tiny: A Family Hustle more like trap Beverly Hillbillies than it is a nouveau Cosby Show?

20. Brother, can you spare a new Beyoncé single?

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1. Between the media coverage about her lip syncing and now her cursing, do you think Beyoncé is somewhere wondering, “Where in the fuck have these clueless bitches been and are they that bored?”

2. Did Justin Timberlake put a box of Just For Me in his head?

3. How did two hair stylists end up hosting a show that is to Fashion Police what Mr. Cola is to Coca Cola?

4. Why is Eric Benet doing songs with 2 Chainz?

5. Do we need trailers for free shit, though?

6. Can we end lyric videos while we’re at it?

7. Were each of the following too busy to participate in the “Pour It Up” remix: Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme, Iggy Azalea, Missy Elliott & Sharaya J?

8. Was the treatment of this video basically let Robin Thicke and Pharrell stand around as T.I. dances like he’s ready to say at any second, “I’m coming home, Elizabeth?”

9. What time is Lil’ Wayne’s intervention?

10. Isn’t Jay-Z doing a remarkable job of attaching himself to the hottest folks out to maintain his own cultural relevancy?

11. What’s good on that new album, Janelle Monáe?

12. Is Jada Pinkett Smith using these faux deep Facebook postings to secure a book deal or something?

13. Yo, want to do me a favor and tell your folks on that social media wisdom kick to shut the fuck up?

14. With word that she’s worked with Pharrell, Mike Will Made It, plus Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, will we finally get an all around great album from Kelly Rowland?

15. Why are people still doing those Harlem Fake videos?

16. How can I get La Toya Jackson’s giggle to be my text message alert?

17. Will someone explain to Keyshia Cole that she is way too Ralph Tresvant to tweet like Yung Rupunxel?

18. Does anyone else worry that if they keep watching the new season of Braxton Family Values they’re going to end up having a heart attack due to the sisters’ saltiness over Tamar Braxton’s success?

19. See what you’ve started, Mary Mary?

20. Girl, what?

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kris jenner, kris jenner talk show

1. Will pop culture ever fill its Valtrex prescription to relieve some of the symptoms stemming from this family?

49ers anti-gay, colin kaepernick

2. How can anyone with Colin Kaepernick as a teammate not understand the source, beauty, and upside of homosexuality?

3. Is Draya Michelle a t-shirt maker or madame?

4. How can one keep calm with so many of these stupid graphics ruining my social media feeds?

5. Can everyone please stop describing their average ass behavior as signs of bipolar disorder?

6. Can we get another gorgeous multi-talented woman of this hue back on the covers of these kind of magazines please (plus varying other shades, naturally)?

7. Are we sure Lionel Richie isn’t Ludacris’ daddy?

8. When is Miguel going to get that mug splattered across a box of perm?

9. Can Rihanna and Chris Brown please stop talking about their codependency?

10. Times may be hard, but couldn’t T-Boz have tapped one of those graphic geniuses who used to populate CyberTLC to do her a solid and give her a real single cover?

11. R. Kelly might not be shit, but those classics still go, don’t they?

12. Will the mainstream press ever stop instantly referring to any famous Black man who makes music as a rapper?

13. Did it ever occur to some of these media folks that perhaps Hillary Clinton is annoyed by all the constant chatter about a presidential race years away?

14. As hilarious as this is, isn’t it still annoying how much this was blew out of proportion by a bunch of lazy, pressed “journalists?”

15. Drake has a new single dropping this month: Ready to get into your feelings?

16. Who knew Robin Thicke was going to end up the best part of The Real Husbands of Hollywood?

17. Should anyone be surprised at how much the NRA has in common with trap rappers?

18. Before Manti Te’o’s “girlfriend” goes away, can someone inform him that you don’t “recover” from homosexuality, you can only try to force suppression?

19. Why do y’all do Michelle Williams so dirty?:

20. Guess who just found out one his essays became required reading for a course at Harvard?

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kelly rowland, kiss down low, kelly rowland single cover, kelly rowland kiss down low cover

1. Now that Kelly Rowland has released a new single, it’ll only be a short while now before Beyoncé drops her new song, yes?

2. Do you think VH1 has already offered Shawty Lo another chance at reality television?

3. Did Mandeecees’ mama really name him Mandeecees?

4. I don’t care if she remixes it to “Obama On Fire,” can someone inform Alicia Keys that she must stop trying to make “Girl On Fire” a thing?

5. Can y’all go buy Keyshia Cole’s latest album so she can release “Hey Sexy?”

6. See why apologies and paying people on time matters?

7. Does André 3000 realize how hurtful he is with his constant reminders that OutKast isn’t coming back?

8. When is someone going to tell Chris Brown to stop walking around looking like he’s on that Heisenberg?

9. Who is responsible for booking Lupe “Obama Is A Terrorist, Plus I Don’t Vote” Fiasco for an Inaugural Ball?

10. Why am I not surprised Keri Hilson said the following: “Don’t get too wrapped up in baby world that you forget about Keri Hilson because we make great music together so let’s do it?”

11. How has Erica Mena managed to go through life without wearing a straight jacket and catching a weekly fade?

rob kardashian instagram, rob kardashian weight loss

12. At least Robert Kardashian knows, right?

13. Do some of the people upset about Kanye West knocking up his longtime fetish realize that he was never going to produce anything for their uterus — real or imagined?

14. Am I supposed to not see through this habit of screencapping people who ‘like’ your photos as just another way for people to virtually masturbate?

 15. When did The Learning Channel become VH1’s older sister?

16. Considering that even with declining ratings it’s still the top show of its format (as opposed to where she is musically), isn’t it a bit odd for Jennifer Hudson to be suggesting to American Idol that they bow out now?

17. Can people stop with these cut and paste posthumous Aaliyah releases?

18. So I am to believe that Manti Teʻo never thought to Facetime his virtual girlfriend at least once so he knew it was real?

19. You understand why Nicki Minaj cursed out Mariah Carey now, don’t you?

20. Can you guess what was Chuck Schumer’s favorite moment from Inauguration?

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1. If I launch a Kickstarter for a Mike Will beat, will you contribute?

2. How many 40-year-old rappers do you think are mad as hell they aren’t Juicy J right now?

3. No really, can we get André 3000 to jump on  a track with Big Boi?

4. Can you imagine the shade fest going on in the afterlife amongst all the famous dead people over these piss-ass biopic castings?

5. If you’re going to appropriate Black culture, must you strip all the evidence away?

6. As hot as Unapologetic is, isn’t it disappointing that it’s best performances will come courtesy of high school parties and gay clubs versus its creator?

7. Can someone inform Chris Brown that he increasingly giving fried egg in the pan to illustrate your brain on drugs realness?

8. Obviously, news of a Beyoncé HBO documentary is exciting, but who else fears she’s about to show is the same footage she’s been sharing since 1998?

9. Who hurt you, Nicki?

10. So this is supposed to be Solange’s channel ORANGE?

11. Can Drake’s OVO label sign l JoJo and save her from the record company blocking her potential for greater success?

12. Is this not the all-time best performance of “All I Want For Christmas?”

13. Anyone else tired of reading musings about Willow Smith’s fade?

14. Has anyone noticed how little people are talking about Alicia Keys’ new album?

15. I know that ass anywhere, but Harpo, whose hue is that on Trina?

16. Can someone hand Rob Kardashian his spine and help him reattach both that and his dick so he can stop showing his ass on Twitter?

17. Doesn’t Marsha Ambrosius’ new single sound like “Climax” if it were sang inside of a haunted house?

18. When trying to go deep falls in the kiddie pool?

19. Was Frank Ocean a publicist in his former life?

20. What are the chances of someone in the mainstream press openly questioning the dating habits of 22-year-old Taylor Swift, who at this rate, has been linked to three separate men at the age of 18 although each before they turned legal?

Bonus: Is hell still hot?

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1. Who would’ve thought that Baloo would make it this far and become the country Nell Carter?

2. Why do I get the feeling that Miguel is going to spend much of his career trying to convince us that pussy is his?

3. Isn’t it interesting how gay Black male vernacular is everywhere yet the behind it all, not so much?

4. Don’t y’all know it’s time to cut this out?

5. Under all her wealth, wisdom, and hair she swears isn’t a weave, is Oprah hiding a few feathers?

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6. Why would anyone spend $250 for an album full of songs sang by Rihanna?

7. Should Brandy have given reality TV another go?

8. What’s cornier: Drake’s screen name or his coat made of Chewbacca?

9. Evelyn Lozada is dead set on being hated, huh?

10. As it relates to trying to maintain nominal levels of fame, is Neffe now the little engine that shouldn’t?

11. If your claim to fame was something that happened in 1993, isn’t it time to abdicate your “I Can Be A Bitch Just Because…” crown?

12. Why is Diamond acting like she’s too good for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta again?

13. Will someone please explain to Debra Lee that just because a given show isn’t showing anything but ass cheeks that it doesn’t automatically deserve applause?

14. Can select BET critics stop pretending that Uncut was on all day, everyday at one point and that the network hasn’t at least tried to diversify is content in the last several years?

15. Instead of publicly bitching about how “angry” Black women appear to them, can the men of D.L. Hughley’s ilk at least bother to figure out why that is versus being a stereotype pusher?

P.S. Who hurt you, D.L.?

16. Will Donald Trump ever shut his stupid ass the hell up?

17. Despite whatever these hack-happy political pundits are saying to fill up space and collect a check, haven’t we seen enough clues to conclude that Mitt Romney is about to catch the electoral fade?

18. Should Zoe Saldana go ahead and call Flex Alexander now to get a preview of her future?

MORE: Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone? Not Even Half the Problem

19. What happened, Mya?

20. Which circle of hell should this sum’bitch go to?

MORE?: I Need Answers, November 2011

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