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I write about pop culture, politics, race, sexuality, religion, class and gender. Note that these topics often overlap, but the samples below are broken down by category (as best I could). Enjoy.

Personal Essays:

Her Jesus Doesn’t Love Me: On Finding Closure With My Mom (Gawker)

At 30, I’m Finally Tackling My Intense Fear Of Sex (xoJane)

I’m a Black gay man learning to be okay with dating people who don’t look like me (Washington Post)

I Was The Other Man (Gawker)

Learning To Dress Like An Actual Adult (Complex)

Pop Culture:

Why We Can’t Stop Watching Empire? (New York Times magazine)

Kylie Jenner and the Media’s Troubling Coverage of Underage Girls (VH1)

Kanye West Is [Imperfect] The Voice For Frustrated Black America (

Justin Timberlake Has a Long History of Trifling Behavior (Complex)

Rude Boys: Stop Slut Shaming Rihanna (EBONY)

TV’s Black Sitcom Problem (Salon)

About Those Sherri Shepherd Comments… (EBONY)


The Key Thing Conservatives Don’t Get About Obama’s Use Of ‘N*****’ (Talking Points Memo)

Black People Are Not More Homophobic Than Everyone Else (Complex)

The Curious Case of the “New Black”: A Conversation (Gawker)

Hey Black Folks! We Didn’t Teach White People How to Hate Us (EBONY)

Pharrell is a music genius but naive on race relations (theGrio)

Sexuality and Gender:

When ‘Love Is Love’ Isn’t Enough (Elle)

What Janet Jackson Taught Me About Sex (NTRSCTN by Complex)

Everybody sexts. So why do we treat it like a shameful secret? (The Guardian)

Scared Old Men, Modern Style, and the Perceived Feminization of Black Men in Hip-Hop Via Fashion (Complex)

Rapper Azealia Banks Has a Problem With Gay Men  (The Root)

Black Gay Men Are Still Invisible (Time Ideas)

What Your Gay Bestie Wants You To Know (ESSENCE)


Why Donald Trump Isn’t As Fringe As You Think (Talking Points Memo)

Black Republican Wins May Be Historic, But It’s Not Progress (NewsOne)

Rick Santorum’s Unholy War (EBONY)


Beyoncé Brings Fury, Forgiveness on Bracing Lemonade (Rolling Stone)

It’s Time We Embrace the Mariah Carey That Is, Not the Mariah Carey That Was (Complex)

Even a Pop Deity Like Beyoncé Gets Marginalized to “Urban Radio” (Complex)

Social Media:

If you are single and whine about it online prepare to stay that way (The Guardian)

You’re My Friend, But I Hate You Online (Complex)

Let A Thirst Trap Be A Thirst Trap (Complex)


Drake Is An Awful Person To Date (And If You Act Like Him, So Are You) (Complex)

The Weekly Read: Ciara (EBONY)

Celebrity Roundtable: Rhythm & Beef (The Shadow League)

Celebrity Roundtable: Losers Comfort Romney (The Shadow League)

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